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Danny Lam: Science Communicator, Traveller, Photographer

About Danny Lam & Global Planan

Welcome to “Global Planan” a blog and e-portfolio that follows me around the world and showcases my work as a science communicator. Here you will find a collection of photos and short stories of my adventures, as well as snippets of the content I’ve made regarding science communication.

Originally this site was intended as a blog to tell the stories of my travels. However, in the interest of keeping all my work in one place, I have opted to also make it my E-portfolio. In this section of the sight, you will find snippets of my work as a science communicator.

Currently, I am enrolled in Science Communication Honors program at The University of Western Australia. I have a bachelor of science, majoring in mechanical engineering and science communication.

Connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking here, or email me at

Global Planan.
The word ‘Planan’ is Greek for “wander.” Whilst the word ‘Planetes,’ its plural, translates to the wanderer and it is the root word for the word ‘planet’. The ancient Greeks called the planets ‘Planetes’ as they believed that the Earth was stationary and that the other planets wandered across the skies. So the title of this blog loosely translates to both “Global Wanderer” and “Global Planet.”

So come with me on an adventure.

For a constant stream of new photos follow me on Instagram at “global_planan”.All photos found on this blog, as well as the Instagram account,  are photographed and edited by myself.

By usage rights to my photos at EyeEm
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